Odd Fronds

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Can't find what you're looking for? That's okay! We've curated a list of our favorite Odd Fronds (like friends, get it?) to help you find what you need. 


Palm Plaza Galleria - 80s-90s mall aesthetic, wild

Eres Una Maravilla - Latinx inspired bedazzlements



ModNails - coolest nails on the West Coast

Bone Amis - sexy y2k garments to match your pup for a good cause

Salted Ocean Dyes - groovy ice-dyes w/ rich pigments

Á S T R I ð R - victorian chic & florals refreshed 

Hot Coco Mango - tropical & breezy fashion for a good cause

Inhale Joi - organic apparel focused on cannabiz & equality

MxT 2510 - sustainable, comfortable travel attire



Majyd Hassan Photography - professional scenic, product & event photography



Rosebud's Body Art Studio - superior piercings, tattoos & tooth gems 

Natureroma - oat based body care & tasty smelling candles

rooted & true - handmade shea butter drinks for your skin & hair



J&M Film Resins - real film preserved for eternity in cool statues

Snoutsville - the vacation your dog will never want to leave

Jewel Sales Art - custom watercolor paintings & funky wall art

Sculptingus - sexiest candles around

12th haus - throwback mall portraits you never knew you NEEDED

Lé Trois Apothacary - set your incense & intentions

Sun in Ink - celestial, botanical, cat prints

Cosmic Ceramics - coolest cosmic mugs around



Lizzie Bakes Co - cookie decorator extraordinaire 

Melrose Mixology - serving up the sassiest refreshments 

Make Fun Happen - themed charcuterie boards & curated noms

Little Bakes - custom cakes & sugar treats