Our Story

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TLDR: Hi! We're two PhD students that dropped our dreams of being professors to create a brand that handcrafts statement jewelry and colorful homeware so you can surround yourself with delightfully quirky adornments. We believe it's possible to have an environmentally sustainable business that invests in ethical practices while bringing you high-quality goods at an affordable price. 

Hi there! I'm Amber Rose, a passionate activist, and lover of all things crafty. I am very interested in native California plants, folklore, traditional ecological knowledge, and sustainability. What started as an activism project to support nonviolent community unification and organizations against unequal discrimination, became Oddflower Creations - my safe space to create freely, and continue supporting my love of art & a kinder world. 

During the day, I am a doctoral student at UCLA, focusing on how food and environmental studies intersect with post-colonial North African literature. My husky keeps me company while I garden on my balcony, craft liqueur, cook, knit, and create miscellaneous odds & ends to spark joy. 

Inviting Kelly to be my business partner was the best decision I could have made for the business, and I am so grateful to have a bestie/total badass by my side. 



Hey there- I’m Kelly, a doctoral candidate in Italian literature and the other half of Oddflower Creations! My passions include linguistics, travel, dogs, snowboarding, vintage, screamo, and all things design! I was lucky enough to become friends with Amber (my platonic life partner) in 2021 while collaborating on a creative project. Since then I’ve enjoyed every messy minute we’ve spent together crafting wearable, usable art at the intersection of responsible contemporary design and sustainability. 


Often this world feels like a dumpster fire, which is why we are beyond stoked to put our energy into building our socially conscious small business, engaging with and supporting the local community and economy, donating to causes that actually matter, and sharing the raw joy of creativity with so many talented peeps in L.A. and beyond! Late stage capitalism sucks, but it’s a lot more manageable when we work together :)